More Than You See
The price of chip soared fivefold, from unaffordable to unaffordable!
06.08.2021 | ideadisplay

According to a new Goldman Sachs research note, As many as 169 industries around the world have been
hit in some way by the chip shortage
, including steel products, concrete production,air conditioning
manufacturing, beer brewing, soap production and many more. And the global "lack of core" intensified,
so that the price is imperative."Can not buy" and "can not afford to buy" has become a lot of downstream
enterprises face a common dilemma. A practitioner told reporters that they use a German chip, the price
last year was ¥3.5 , this year has risen to ¥16.5 , a chip price rose 5 times.

Last year, chip were out of stock. In less than a year, the price of the common model has doubled or tripled,
ST's MC Union has gone up five or ten times, TI's power and Ethernet chip have gone up dozens of times,
and even some inventories are expected to go up hundreds of times.